Chamber of Commerce

Executive Committee

Slater Barr - President/CEO

Jennifer Nunley - Chairman

John Tucker - Chairman Elect

Tommy Allmon - Foundation Chairman

Joe Enoch - Treasurer 

John Lannom - Legal Counsel

Bob Kirk - Vice Chair Governmental & Legislative

Mayor Chris Young - Dyer County

David Hayes - Vice Chair Regional Development

Don Crews - Vice Chair Business Development

Eddie Anderson - Vice Chair Agribuisness

Jeff Agee - Chairman Appointed

Jimmy Williamson - NW TN Regional Porth Authority

Joe Yates - Vice Chair Downtown Development

John Ford - Vice Chair Transportation

Mayor John Holden - City of Dyersburg

Larry White - Chairman Appointed

Matt Duggan - Vice Chair Existing Industry

Mike Sanders - Co-Vice Chair Economic Development

Mayor Pam Mabry - City of Newbern

Paul Carson - Vice Chair Community Development

Penny Guthrie - Vice Chair Retail Development

Scott Barber - Vice Chair Healthcare

Steve Lane -  

York Walker - Co-Vice Chair Economic Development