Economic Development

Agribusiness Development

Eddie Anderson, Vice Chair

Members: John Butler, Tim Campbell, Eric Maupin, Jimmy Hester, Jimmy Moody, Larry Gibson, Johnny Dodson, Chad Smith,  Jason Hamlin, Allen Hester

Goals: Participate in efforts to promote West Tennessee agriculture and serve as a voice for the farming community.


  • Promote renewable fuels.
  • Promote the Mississippi River Corridor project for Agritourism.
  • Encourage other counties to form an Agribusiness Council of their own.
  • Closely monitor the new US Farm Bill and understand changes in subsidies, etc.
  • Continue the Young Farmers and Ranchers program at the new industrial park and add
    additional acreage, approximately 35 acres.
  • Build and fill the Agribusiness display in the Lannom Center.
  • Promote and encourage a food processing company to locate in Dyer County.
  • Promote waterfowl hunting in the area.

Click on the following agricultural-related website sources for more details.

National Cattleman's Beef Association

International Cotton Council

National Corngrowers Association

Tennessee Farm Bureau

American Soybean Association

Dyer County UT Ag Extension Office 

USDA 2014 Farm Bill